Mental Revolution As Foundation of Effective and Efficient Health Care

The quality of health services is now one of the challenges in the implementation of the National Health Insurance Program – Healthy Indonesia Card (JKN-KIS). It is also an indicator of success in the Mental Revolution movement in health. Throughout the implementation of the JKN-KIS Program, various achievements have been gained, among others, citizen satisfaction of public services increased, information disclosure, and health service certainty.

One of the results of real work can be seen from the number of participants’ satisfaction with JKN-KIS Program in 2017 reached 79.5%. In addition, the current disclosure of information on health services has also increased through the development of technology and information media, so that many health service providers are able to innovate and utilize the means of communication and technology. And it is not less important that the certainty of people get health care because it has been financially protected by the Program JKN-KIS.

“The spirit of the Mental Revolution to provide quality service for JKN Participants is expected to be internalized by all health workers, BPJS Health officers and policy makers at both central and regional levels,” said Director of BPJS Health Fachmi Idris in Keynote Speech in Seminar and Workshop National Association of Indonesia Local Health Offices (ADINKES) with the theme “Strengthening the Role of Health Office in the Preventing Fraud on JKN Implementation” in Jakarta (14/03). The seminar was also attended by the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati.

Another indicator of the success of the Mental Revolution that is currently a challenge is the cost efficiency of the service. This is done through cost control for the sustainability of the JKN-KIS program, optimizing program management, overutilization control, fraud and moral hazard potential and the strengthening of preventive promotions.

“JKN fraud prevention can be done through commitment to the implementation of the value of the Mental Revolution. This is done for the sake of program sustainability and maximum benefit for the people of Indonesia. We also expect support from ADINKES which currently has a strategic role in encouraging the quality improvement and quality of Local Health Offices provided by health facilities in both the first (primary health cares / FKTP) and the advanced levels (FKRTL) “said Fachmi.

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani on this occasion also said, the Government continues to be committed in the continuity of JKN-KIS Program. This should also be done by all parties involved in the implementation of the JKN-KIS program. The sustainability of the JKN-KIS program can occur if all stakeholders running the key success factors, it is to carry out the tasks in accordance with the good governance practices.

“The issue of fraud or aspect fraud in the implementation of JKN-KIS we must be aware. Cheating can happen if we are not in accordance with governance. Managing governance, how we organize, create operating systems, business processes and checks and balances are factors that hold the principle of accountability and transparency. There are many common people who do not understand what kind of management in the world of health, so the indication of fraud is very likely to occur in the health sectors, “said Sri Mulyani.

Therefore, Sri Mulyani continued, prevention is very important because the community, health workers and health facilities need to be protected by adhering to the governance. The health department has an important role in overseeing the prevention of fraud in health facilities. Public health office is a technical coach for a number of thousands of health facilities in Indonesia.

“It is unlikely that only BPJS Health itself is doing fraud prevention. The role of Local Health Office is also very important, especially to create good governance which is expected to increase awareness of fraud in this health world,” explained Sri Mulyani.

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