Puskemas as BLUD: Dinkes to Dinkes Learning

The progress of establishing Puskesmas as BLUD is still slow and requires acceleration.  At present, there are more than 9700 Puskesmas in Indonesia, out of which only around 400 Puskesmas have been institutionalized as PPK BLUD. District of Kulon Progo has proven that the implementation of policies for the establishment of Puskesmas as BLUDs has significant impact on improving public services in the health sector.

Being a BLUD makes Puskesmas have flexibility in financial management to immediately respond to health care needs in the community as well as make the Puskesmas more insightful in financial reporting because it is also open to external financial audit.

In many situations, the effort to make the Puskesmas as a PPK BLUD requires commitment not only on from Head of Health Office but also Head of District / City Major.  District Head of Kulon Progo, Dr. Hasto Wardoyo, SpOG (K) presented his thoughts on health development in his region during the evening session on Wednesday, July 26, 2018 including the benefits of Puskesmas as PPK BLUD.

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