National Meeting to Optimalize Puskesmas as PPK BLUD and Remuneration Strategy

At the suggestion of the members, ADINKES was supported by the Ministry of Home Affairs, held a National Meeting on “Optimizing Puskesmas as PPK BLUD and Remuneration Strategy” at Sahid Hotel Yogyakarta on July 25-27 2018. This meeting was opened by Dr. M. Subuh, MPPM (Expert Staff in Health Economics, Ministry of Health) and Drs. Eduard Sigalingging, M.Si (Director of SUPD III, Directorate General of Bangda, Ministry of Home Affairs).

This meeting aims to encourage Puskesmas to become PPK BLUDs and optimize their implementation and to formulate appropriate remuneration patterns for health service providers. This is based on the following situations:

  • Law No. 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Government mandates the establishment of a Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD) in order to improve services to the public (Public Services). BLUD is a system that is implemented by the Regional Work Unit (SKPD) or Work Unit in the SKPD in providing services to the public who have flexibility in the pattern of financial management as an exception to the regional management provisions in general (Explanation of Article 346 Law No. 23 of 2014).
  • Inadequate implementation of Puskesmas as PPK BLUD (holding and non-holding model of PPK BLUD) is partly due to the lack of understanding on various policies related to PPK BLUD and best practices that have existed in some areas. The development and supervision of PPK BLUD is also one of the aspects that has not been seen how it is better implemented.
  • Puskesmas as PPK BLUD will be the solution to settle capitation funds in local government treasury and some other problems that have been complained by various parties that appear in various mass media.
  • Until now the Remuneration Pattern for the Implementation of Health Services is still felt to be unfair, especially for medical workers at Puskesmas  as the main gate keeper for Health Services.

Meeting material can be downloaded via the following link: www.adinkes.org/publications

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